Best Free Online Screen Recorders – No Download Required

List of Best Free Online Screen Recorders, that you can use to make as many recordings as you want on your computer. HitPaw, AnyRec, DemoAir.

Screen recording is essential for content providers, freelancers, and teachers. Especially if you need to record your screen for a long time, many of the available screen recorders may not be very useful. This is because most free screen recording software allows you to record your screen for a limited length of time.

Best Free Online Screen Recorders - No Download Required

If you are searching for the best free online screen recorders, with no time restriction. Don’t worry we cover it up. We tested out a bunch of free online screen recorders.

You don’t have to be connected to the internet to record your screen. Offline screen recorders for Windows 10 are free and don’t need a WiFi connection. Online screen recorders, on the other hand, need a stable internet connection. But we will be focusing on only Online screen recorders. So you need a proper internet connection.

Here is a list of free online screen recorders, that you can use to make as many recordings as you want on your computer. You can find your desired tool here, regardless of the platform you are using. But before let us take a look at some basics.

Short intro about screen recording software

In the simplest terms, software that records your screen records everything that you are doing on your screen is called screen recording software. With screen recording software, You can just record your whole screen, a certain part of your screen, or even a specific window. Usually, when you record your screen, screen recording software records sound from your microphone, or if the microphone is not available it records the computer audio only.

So, the software won’t just record your screen, it will also record the sounds of your programs or microphone.

Screen recorders are mostly different in terms of their watermarks, features, and quality. Most programs on the market are paid only, but there are a lot of free options that are very useful.

Some programs only let you record in 720p, while others let you record up to 1080p but add watermarks. The best screen recording software for PCs like Windows and Mac can be found in the list below.

What features to look at in Screen Recorders

Before we tell you what to do, here is a quick list of the most important things your video recording software should have.

  • Simplicity
  • Export HD videos
  • Multiple recording options
  • live streaming support

1. Simplicity

Surprisingly, it’s scary to record your screen. There is a lot of pressure to record quickly. That means you can’t zone out, lose track of what you’re doing, or let your cursor wander around the screen without a purpose. A video with a lot of dead space and pauses needs to be cut down with a video editor, which is challenging.

2. Export HD Videos

Most free screen recorders are limited in how well they can export. You shouldn’t need anything more than a 1080p recording, especially if your monitor doesn’t support a higher resolution by default. When exporting at 1080p quality, most free screen recorders add watermarks, so watch out for that.

3. Multiple Recording

Some advanced screen recorders also let you record your webcam, microphone, and computer audio simultaneously. I also mean recording the sound from your speakers when you say something. Recording all of these at the same time is a great way to improve the quality of your video clips, especially if you’re making YouTube videos.

But you can also do a voice-over. Most YouTubers prefer Voice for their videos. But this is not the case in live streaming.

4. Live Streaming

Live streaming programs need to record more than one thing at once, so it’s better to use a powerful desktop recorder.

The Difference between a Desktop Screen Recorder and Online Screen Recorder

There are two types of screen records,

  • Desktop Screen Recorders
  • Online Screen Recorders

1. Desktop Screen Recorders

Desktop screen recorders are full programs that you have to download to your computer. These are stronger and work through your system locally. This means that you can use them even if you can’t connect to the internet.

Since these are full-featured apps, you can expect them to have more options. The only thing that can slow down or stop desktop recorders is how fast and powerful your computer is. So, if you have a powerful PC at home, you should have no trouble running these kinds of programs.

Streamers and gamers use these recorders all the time. You can also use this for video tutorials or videos that teach how to do something.

2. Online Screen Recorders

Online recorders are the easiest to use for people who want something simple, quick, and easy to understand.

You can use these right from your browser. All you need to do is download a Chrome extension. Internet connection is needed for these recorders. You don’t need a powerful computer to use an online recorder, and you can store the files you record online.

These recorders are great for making video tutorials, in-browser guides, and instructional videos for your employees. Some online recorders also provide additional features like, they also have tools for editing videos.

So, it’s easy to record your screen and then make changes to it right away. The process is quick, easy, and makes a lot of sense.

That’s why some people prefer Online Screen Recorder over Desktop Screen Recorder.

Best Free Online Screen Recorders – No Download

Using an online screen recorder can make it easier to record videos because we don’t have to download and install any software on our PC. These recorders are simple and easy to use. No additional setup is required, you can record videos right from your browser.

So, let’s start it out.

1. HitPaw

HitPaw Online Screen Recorder is a free tool that lets you record your screen online without having to download or install anything. You can record for as long as you want. It lets you record the whole screen, a window of an app, or a browser tab, with or without sound, with no time restrictions.

You don’t have to install this screen recorder to use it and record your favorite things. This is the best screen recorder that you can use online without having to install anything.

If you need to change something about the video, you can click “Cut Video,” which will take you to the HitPaw Online Video Editor dashboard. You can also cut, change the speed, add watermarks, merge, add subtitles, reverse, loop, add music, crop, rotate, etc. to your recorded video.

It’s easy to record videos with this free online screen recorder. Choose “Microphone,” “System Audio,” or “No Audio,” click “Start Recording,” choose “entire screen” or “window,” and click “Share” to begin recording. If it’s okay, click “Stop Sharing,” go back to the HitPaw Online Screen Recorder home page, and click the red button to stop recording.

HitPaw - Online Screen Recorder

HitPaw Screen recorder

  • Completely Free
  • No Time Restriction
  • A free video editing tool is also provided
  • Multiple OS Supported

2. AnyRec

AnyRec recently released a free screen recording software for beginners. Yes, you heard it correctly. Software, you have to download it, in order to use it. But we have to add this software to this list. Because of the features, it provides is a game changer. It totally worth it.

You can record video and sound from the screen and export them directly to MP4 and WMV. The easy-to-understand interface and simple options can save you a lot of time. There are no time limitations. You can record for as long as you want. So there’s no need to spend more money.

Well, you can use the AnyRec free online screen recorder in many ways, like when you’re online video chatting with strangers, having online business meetings, playing desktop games, and more. You can always record your everyday life and share it with anyone.

To use the free screen recorder, just click the “Record for Free” button. Use your left mouse click to choose the area you want to record. Or, you can expand the list to choose from 1920×1080 (1080P), 1280×720 (720P), 854×480 (480P), 1024×768, 648×480 (360p), full screen, and select region.

You can change the video’s path folder, format, codec, frame rate, and quality. You can also set up your own hotkeys to control screen recording quickly.

The ability to record audio is turned on by default. If you only want to record video and not sound, you can click the icon to turn off the sound.

AnyRec - Best Free Screen Recording Software

AnyRec Screen recorder

  • Completely Free
  • No Time Restriction
  • Record Gameplay & webcams
  • Draw and Annotate on Screen While Recording

3. WonderShare DemoAir

WonderShare DemoAir is a free screen recorder extension for Chrome. It has powerful video recording and sharing features that make it easy to record and share daily video messages. With the DemoAir screen recorder, you can quickly record and share an unlimited number of video messages.

It’s free to use, you don’t have to download anything, you can record as much as you want, and the videos you export don’t have a watermark on them. You can also save the videos to your computer in WebM or MP4 format so you can watch them whenever you want.

With the DemoAir, it’s easy to copy a link that can be shared, post your recordings straight to your YouTube channel, send them through Gmail, share videos with Google Classroom, or embed recordings on your website or blog.

There are three ways to record to meet all your needs. You can choose to record the desktop, the current tab, or just your webcam.

You can use Desktop recording to record your whole screen or just one application.

Current Tab mode is a good choice if you want your recording to focus on a specific browser tab, like a Google Slides presentation.

You can choose Webcam-only recording mode if you want to record a whiteboard explainer video or an audio assignment.
The files will be saved automatically to Google Drive.

WonderShare DemoAir - Best Free Online Screen Recorders

DemoAir Screen recorder

  • Completely Free
  • No Time Restriction
  • In Built Sharing Options
  • Provides some video editing tools
  • Integrates with popular online services like Github, Jira, Slack, etc.

4. RecordCast

The Record Cast is also the best free online video recorder and has a powerful video editor for editing your videos. You can record what’s on your screen in HD. There is a built-in video editor, and flexible recording, it’s free, and you don’t have to download or install anything to capture the screen.

IMP: You have a 5-minute time limitation on this tool. This is quite disappointing. Because the video editing tools it provides are on the next level. This is only recommended if you want a powerful video editing tool, and your video length is shorter than 5 minutes.

If you want to record a video longer than 5 minutes and also need powerful video editing tools for free of cost. Use any of the above-mentioned free online screen recorders, and for editing use a third-party video editing tool, such as Filmora, Premier pro…etc.

You can record your computer screen, but you can also send a friend a short video guide, record YouTube tutorials, and do many other things. It only takes a few clicks to record your screen.

All in all, it’s a good way to record your screen without installing anything.

RecordCast - Best Free Online Screen Recorders

RecordCast Screen recorder

  • Completely Free
  • 5 Minutes Time Restriction
  • In Built Sharing Options
  • You can also record gameplay
  • Provides powerful editing tools
  • No watermark in videos

5. ScreenApp

ScreenApp is the next one on this list of the best free online screen recorders. It also gives you the option to record online videos for free. It doesn’t need any software or browser add-ons. It’s free, and the recording doesn’t have any marks on it.

Yes, it’s true and hard to believe. This online recorder also has time restrictions on video. For non-register users, you have a 15-minute time limitation. For registered users, you have 3 Hours limitations.

One can record the whole screen, any window, or a browser tab. You can download the video as soon as you record your computer screen. You can also change them and share them through social media.

ScreenApp - Best Free Online Screen Recorders

ScreenApp Screen recorder

  • Completely Free
  • 15 Minutes Time Restriction (Non-register Account)
  • 3 hours Time restriction (Register Account)
  • Cloud backup option for your videos
  • Record Video in FHD format
  • No extension download required
  • No watermark in videos

6. Screen Capture

Videos are easy to record, but they add a watermark to each one. You have to pay $9.95/month to get rid of the mark. But you can record high-quality videos with the free version.

This tool is overall free and has no time limitations. But the only downside is that on the free version you get a watermark. You have to pay in order to remove the watermark.

With just one click, you can save the video you’ve just made. Since they care about their users’ privacy, they will keep your information. It is a free screen recorder that doesn’t need to be installed. So, try it out and see what happens.

Screen Capture - Best Free Online Screen Recorders

Screen Capture Screen recorder

  • Completely Free
  • No Time Restriction
  • Simple and Minimalistic UI
  • No extension download required
  • Watermark in videos

You no longer have to download a heavy screen recorder before you can record what’s on your PC screen. Instead, you can use an online screen recorder.

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