About Us

TechVengeance.com – Makes your life simpler with clear, thorough, and trustworthy how-tos, tutorials, and guides.

TechVengeance” publishes articles on a wide range of topics.  Our goal is to publish new content every day. Since we just set out on this adventure, we will focus on a limited number of topics.

As our journey progresses, we will cover more ground.

Our Story

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It all began with an idea to build a resource where people could always find reliable information like honest reviews, thorough detailed and simple how-tos, guides, and tutorials. There are a lot of review sites on the Internet. However, the vast majority of these reviews are sponsored or paid for.

And this is how our trip began. We made this site so that people could find the content they could trust.

Our Mission

The goal of our company is straightforward: to make your life easier. Our team always does its best to deliver genuine material. In order to keep our articles accessible to new readers, we commit to keeping the language and concepts simple.

Founder & CEO

TechVengeance was founded in 2020 by Abdul Hannan, By background, he is a computer scientist. Primarily, he creates content around How to, SEO, affiliate programs, Phones, earn-online, reviews, & technology. He has got years of professional experience in web programming like HTML, CSS, Java, and computer programming.

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